Network Security

Avnet's network & hardware testing Service include the following
Many organizations are exposed to many security threats and often need to contend with unauthorized/illegal access to the organization, exposure of sensitive data, data corruption, data fraud and even embezzlement, and more.

Avnet provides, Internet and network access channel tests, including company personnel and service provider's access rights. Testing the Firewall is a procedure implemented to prevent exposure of the operating system to the internet; and enables the organization to get insight about the ability of a hacker to gain access to the company servers that contain all the organization's services for day-to-day operations, and use these services to access the organization's internal network. The testing simulates an external threat of a hacker that stole the access rights of the organization in order to reveal the resources of the organization to the outside world.

This test examines how the firewall rules have been implemented, how the operating systems reacts to vulnerability exploits, system hardening. This test is intended to examine the ability of an intruder to penetrate the organization's network that contains critical services for the on-going operation of the organization.

Other services are simulating hostile entity which tries to gain access to the internal network without any pervious provided knowledge such as credentials or any other given information, to gain Admin rights entity by after enumerating user names, passwords to different systems in the network, internal server information etc. 

Additional services includes hardware tests such as bypassing biometric doors locks, hacking RF transmissions from receiver and transmitter, hacking controllers via EProm access or chip analysis etc.