Consulting Services


The System Infrastructure Department provides disciplined security IT solutions for multi-infrastructure organizations. We provide the following diversified services:

1. Definition of Security Solutions for Clients including –
a. Evaluation Documentation – Consultations for new and existing Security Information Infrastructure.
b. Regulatory Stringency – Defining Best Practices for Security Properties in Computerized Systems designed from the vast knowledge and experience of Avnet Consultants.
c. Security Information guidance and safety surveys in the organizational infrastructure. Identifying, and evaluating and classifying the safety measures available in each of the organizations’ information security systems.

2. Implementation of recommended Best Practices for your organizations infrastructure, operating systems, servers, services, email servers and databases –
a. Microsoft Systems and other’s such as Linux /Unix, MSSQL, Oracle , DB2 ,IIS ,Apache, Tomcat  ,Exchange  ,Lotus notes, and more.

3. Correlation of Regulatory requirements and various standards (27001, PCI, and more).

4. DNA Survey – Engagement of tools to identify users in the organization with authorization to computerized systems that are a root-cause of the security breach.