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Testing Sites and Applications
Avnet regularly examines access rights in the organization as a weapon against data theft, identity theft, SESSION theft, backdoor mechanisms, strength of mechanism, compartmentalization of access rights as defense against unauthorized data access, system data loss checks using multiple methods, including via cryptography.


Testing includes system defense checks against:
• Hidden Field Manipulation;
• SQL Injections;
• Cross-Site Scripting;,
• Cross-Site Request Forgery;
• Parameter Tampering;
• Buffer Overflow;
• Session Hijacking;
• Cookie Poisoning;
• HTTP Parameter Pollution;
• Command Injection.


Network Immunization Testing

Many organizations are exposed to many security threats and often need to contend with unauthorized/illegal access to the organization, exposure of sensitive data, data corruption, data fraud and even embezzlement, and more.

Avnet provides Internet and network access channel tests, including company personnel and service provider's access rights. Testing the Firewall is a procedure implemented to prevent exposure of the operating system to the internet; and enables the organization to get insight about the ability of a hacker to gain access to the company servers that contain all the organization's services for day-to-day operations, and use these services to access the organization's internal network. The testing simulates an external threat of a hacker that stole the access rights of the organization in order to reveal the resources of the organization to the outside world.

Prevention of Eavesdropping on Wireless Networks & Identifying Cellular Components on the Network
These tests, provided by Avnet, enable a company to measure the characteristics and behavior on the wireless networks of the organization. The tests Avnet provides are divided into the following four main modules:


  • Identification of wireless cellular components which are unauthorized.
  • Wireless pulse testing for access from outside the organization's perimeter.
  • Topology tests for connecting existing wireless network components of the organization.
  • Penetration testing of the wireless network and the wireless components.
  • Malicious Penetration to Data Centers and Organizational Networks are often due to the   following:
  • The dynamic changes of systems in the internet environment.
  • Globalization effects which create a need to connect more users who are not only company personnel, such as service providers, clients to the organization's data sources.
  • Multiple systems that require individual management tools and procedures per system.
  • Decentralization of user management and access control to a few managerial roll players.
  • Testing the strength of threats, a service implemented by Avnet's experts, enables the organization to test the data security protection they have, as viewed from the outside by an internet hacker.