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• Proprietary Business Data Theft- stealing business information of the organization through an application breach.
• Exposure of sensitive information belonging to customers of the organization.
• Defacement of site pages, editing and insertion of messages, pictures, and more...
• Injecting commands for execution at the operating system level. 
• Escalating user authentication privileges to perform illegal actions.
• Data disclosure due to file tampering in the database, leading to forgery of existing information.
• Data disclosure due to file tampering in the operating system, leading to forgery of existing information.
• Network breach root compromise, leading to hostile take-over of the application server and thus to the main servers of the organization.
• Exposure of the application core structure, giving access to and disclosing data.
• Exposure of the application configuration data, giving access to and disclosing data. 


Avnet Information Systems Security & Risk Management Team supplies a comprehensive solution and has the experience in planning, developing, controlling and examining processes of code writing, starting with the characterizing, developing and building phases, to the maintaining phases needed for the continuity of the application’s activity.

Avnet provides a wide range of services that can accompany your organization throughout all stages of the application's lifecycle:

1. Application Security Reviews (Security Analysis) enables corporations to manage the following issues:
• System architecture
• Authentication
• Authorization
• Sensitive Data
• DB Connection & Queries
• Input Validation
• Session Managements
• Error Handling
• Interfaces
• Logs
• Environments.


2. SDL (Security development life cycle)
• Help to develop a Secure Software Development Lifecycle.
• Build secured Code writing stand (Best practice)
• Suited to the organization.


3. Security Code Review (White Box)- Review the Application code in order to find and fix uncovered security breaches. Code Review is focused on testing the implementation of security mechanisms like:
• Authentication
• Authorization
• DB Connection & Queries
• Input Validation
• Session Managements
• Error Handling


4. Security Design & Product  Review for:
• Faulty architecture
• Implementation of security principles
• Threat mitigation


5. Security Training:
• Perform SDL Courses
• Perform CISO Courses


6. WAF & DB FW configuration - Full Implantation and configuration of Security Products like :


7. Application threat modeling - Based on Threat modeling.

• Perform a security analysis to identify, Understand and mitigate expected threats.

• Find security bugs early.


8. PCI Compliance
• 8.1 Perform PCI Compliance gap.
• 8.2 Find the best solutions for the gaps