About us


Mr. Rami Entin, Chairman.
Mr Entin is serving as the Chairman of the board of Avnet Information Security since 2007. Mr Entin serves as Chairman of Hilan, a payroll management company, since 2011 and Chairman of Incentives Solutions since 2004.
Mr Entin holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University. In addition Mr Entin holds a certificate in Advanced Management from Harvard University.


Mr. Avi Brenner, Director.
Formally AVNETs CEO during the years 1999 2007. Currently Amdocs' Information Security VP. Prior to AVNET Avi was the head of developing groups responsible for banking application and delivery channels at Bank Hapoalim group. Prior he established and managed the Information Security department at Bank Hapoalim group. Avi holds in Management Science and in Statistics , both from the Tel Aviv University. Masters thesis cum laude entitled Logical Security of Statistical Data bases.


Mr. Arie Hasson, Founder & Director.
Formerly, Mr. Hasson was a director of computer security and encryption in the Israel Aircraft Industry. He was among the founders of the computer security department of the Israeli Air force.
Mr Hasson holds a B.A. in Social Sciences and a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Democracy Studying from the open university


Mr. Igal Cohen, C.E.O.
Mr. Cohen, is former CEO of Xor Technologies, the SW house dealing with Information Security, Encryption and Management Solutions.
As a Lieutenant colonel in the IDF Intelligence computer center, he headed the R&D and security related projects.
Mr. Cohen has a in Economy and Political science from Bar-Ilan University and he is a computer system analyst.


Mr. Yaki Zimmerman, VP Customers & Projects.
Mr. Zimmerman joined Avnet in 2005, and currently serves as VP Customers & Projects. In this position, Mr. Zimmerman manages the projects division of Avnet with total responsibility for Avnet's day-to-day activity, with regards to Avnet customers. Prior to that, Mr. Zimmerman served as head of the banking client's department, account manager and senior information security consultant, leading various information security projects and providing continuous consulting to large business companies in various information security topics.
Mr. Zimmerman has years of experience in IT, and IT security since his service as Head of Information Systems section at the Israeli Navy (ranking – Major). Mr. Zimmerman has B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA degree (with honors), both from Tel-Aviv University, and a degree in software engineering from the Technichon. Mr. Zimmerman is also certified as a CISSP.



Mr. Roni Bachar VP Cyber Technologies

Mr. Bachar joined AVNET in 2000, and currently serves as VP of Cyber Technologies.
In this position he manages the Hacking Division, which is worldwide and well-known in the arena of Cyber.
In additional he mange the  Cyber Research Division which is one of the major teams in cyber research working on variety of project word wide and the Incident Response Team  which was acknowledged for detecting real time APT attacks. Prior to these positions, Mr Bachar was Senior Information Security Consultant. In this capacity he lead various information security projects in diverse information security fields.
Mr. Bachar has received awards from Facebook,YAHOO, Twitter,DropBox, AOL (ICQ) and Checkpoint for identifying security breaches in their solutions.
Mr. Bachar has more than 24 years' experience in IT and Cyber Security, since his service as Head of Computer and Information Security in the Air Force and Intelligence branches of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)
Mr. Bachar has a BA degree in Business Administration



Mr. Alon Kafri, CTO Solutions

Mr. Kafri is the manager of Avnet's solutions portfolio in Avnet Cyber Solutions.

he is a world-wide solutions expert in cyber security, specializing in APTZero day solutions. with 12 years of experience Alon  was the Head of EPS and DLP solutions department in TrustNet. Later on becoming one of the first employees and a key contributor in ADACOM Israel as a CTO. Alon has a robust experience in complex cyber security projects acting as the design and delivery Master-architect.


Mr. Kafri holds a B.A. graduate in Business Management, majoring in Information System & Marketing at the "College of Management".  and an M.B.A graduate in Business Administration & Organizational Consulting at the "Peres Academic College".



Mr. Yaron Fuxbrumer, Country Sales Manager

Mr. Fuxbrumer joined Avnet in 2013, and currently serves as Country Sales Manager. 

Mr. Fuxbrumer has more than 15 years of experience as a sales manager providing solutions to all sectors of organizations.  He has a solid understanding of  Cyber Security and information security systems.

Prior to that, Mr. Fuxbrumer served as sales manager at SecureNet for more than 8 years.