About us



Avnet is leader in consulting of companies in the field of Information Security, Logistical, and Technological crisis management. Avnet has been securing IT Infrastructures, computerized systems and databases in the Banking, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Communications, Defense,  and Technology sectors for over 17 years, and is certified to provide PCI DSS certifications via an onsite QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).

Avnet specializes in surveying the penetrability of data systems and providing practical solutions that are in-line with the client's cost-benefit ratio.

Our ability to bring our knowledge and vast experience comes from the management's many years of activity in the business fields, financial fields, and banking fields, in the national and military fields. As experts in their line of experience, Avnet can give the best and most updated services available today with the highest level of technology with a broad birds-eye view.